Complex repair of offices

Complex repair of offices

Idea design & repair® offers such a popular service today as-a comprehensive repair of offices in Kiev for companies of any level. Idea is ready to perform all the work on the repair of the office “turnkey” in Kiev and Kiev region.

Modern office is not just a place where an employee does his job, it should be a comfortable, cozy place to work, have a zone for rest, negotiations, a zone for communication of employees during the day. In the labor market of Ukraine, especially it is acutely felt in the IT sphere, it is not enough just to pay a good salary, the employee should be good at work.

And one of the most important aspects of solving this goal is the design and comprehensive repair of offices from the company Idea design & repair. Most of our Customers have proved by their own example that if the employee of the company is comfortable and comfortable in the office, the efficiency of work increases.

In addition, the office is the face of the company, a reflection of its values, it is the place that first sees a potential client or partner. And we believe it is very important to think about and implement the workspace as stylish and comfortable as possible.

Right office design can emphasize the importance of your company, significantly increase the level of trust in it. Call one of our phones: 096 797 99 22, 066 797 99 22 or 063 797 99 22, and we will advise You about the complex repair of the office, share experiences, cool ideas.

Comprehensive office renovation by Idea design & amp; repair

1. Careful examination of the construction site on site, analysis of engineering networks. This stage of work includes: a detailed plan of dismantling, a set of planning solutions, a detailed plan for the placement of furniture, planning of utilities and necessary equipment.

2. Office design project development

We listen attentively to all wishes of the client and, proceeding from them, we plan works on an interior of office and all finishing works. The client receives a ready design project of the office.

3. Development of estimates of capital repairs of the office

After we have done the first two stages of the work, we create a working project.

It includes: all materials and necessary equipment to be used and their quantity. Estimates are prepared on the basis of a working draft.

4. Repair and construction works

Our company provides a full range of repair and construction works in the office: installation of all structures, partitions and walls. At a covering of a design installation of heat and sound insulation is carried out. Based on the future location of workplaces, electrical work is carried out. Screed and plaster, if necessary, on the object is carried out in a mechanized way, which significantly saves time in large office spaces.

After the wiring of communications (air conditioning, video surveillance, fire alarm, ventilation, SCS, electrics and more).

Next comes the rough stage of finishing the office: plaster, putty and other works that are required in preparation for finishing the office and ceilings.

After cleaning the room, work is performed on the floor in the office. Idea design & repair performs finishing: for example, painting the ceiling, laying the coating on the floor, finishing the walls. After this stage, all necessary and planned furniture is installed.

Repair and finishing of offices in Kiev

Idea design & repair office repair Company offers its customers:

– Departure of the designer. Our specialist will listen carefully to all wishes, make all necessary measurements and within three days You will receive an estimate for complex repair of Your office.

– Approval of work schedule. We always meet our customers. And perform work when it is convenient for our client, including at night, if it is not noisy work. We promptly perform all construction work without the slightest damage to the quality of office repairs.

– Cost of works of capital repairs begins, proceeding from our experience, with 110 C. e. for square meter of the room unlike works cosmetic – from 50 C. e. We work in the market of Ukraine for a long time and cooperate with the known and checked producers of the certified building materials. We have partnerships and maximum discounts, which leads to significant savings on materials for our customers.

– We use only high-quality, certified materials. We control the quality of materials and performance of all works at each stage of construction and repair. All norms and technologies are strictly observed. On our website You can get acquainted with our Portfolio.

if you want to get more detailed advice or order a turnkey office renovation — then call us: 096 797 99 22, 066 797 99 22 or 063 797 99 22. We will be glad to cooperate with you.