Design of engineering systems

Design of engineering systems

Engineering systems and communications are an integral part of commercial, industrial, commercial, administrative and residential facilities.
For comfortable life of buildings need engineering systems: water, electricity, ventilation, heating, Sewerage systems, fire safety systems, low-current systems, alarm systems, etc.

Design of engineering systems is a very difficult task, which can be handled only by specialists in their field. You can safely entrust the whole complex of engineering systems to our company. Our professional staff has extensive experience in the design of engineering systems.

Idea offer the following services.

— design and installation of engineering systems
— ventilation system
— electrical work
— the installation of the sewage system
— video surveillance
— installation of heating systems
— fire alarm
— burglar alarm
— warning system
— fire extinguishing system
— automation and dispatching, “smart home” systems»;
— low-current systems (fire alarm, communication, LAN, SCS, etc.).

Our experts will be able to provide you with all the necessary information and their advice to help make the best choice, to perform high-quality installation of engineering systems in the shortest possible time.