Services in repair of premises

Services in repair of premises

Repair services are very popular in the capital of Ukraine. First, more and more companies understand the importance and importance of a modern stylish, comfortable office. Secondly, the most important thing that the company has is its workforce. And simply increasing wages is not enough to keep TOP managers or key employees at home. In addition to material incentives, employees need to feel comfortable in the office, for which it is necessary to introduce new standards in the interior of the office, adding recreation areas, office kitchens, etc.

Services for repair of office premises-a number of complex works that will be carried out in several stages. And to entrust such a serious work to non-professionals in our opinion, it is a serious mistake that can be worth the time spent, nerves and finances.

Office-for a long time is not just the “face” of the company, it is a special space that can influence the creative and working atmosphere in the team. And that the result of office repair does not disappoint You, please contact the specialists-Idea design & amp; repair.

Office Decoration

Finishing office space has a number of features that are known to companies specializing in this service. It is necessary to strictly comply with all norms and technologies. For example, when the layout of the workplace of an employee of the company is done, it is required to allocate from 6m2 for an employee who uses office equipment on the table, and from 4.5 m2 for an office worker who works only at a PC or laptop. All office employees are in contact with a variety of office equipment and it is necessary to provide high-quality grounding in order to completely protect them.

There are still a lot of nuances and features on the decoration and repair of offices.

Repair and construction company Idea design & amp; repair is ready to offer its customers the most innovative technologies in construction with the use of which it is possible to significantly reduce the budget for office repairs. We together with the client will find the most effective and economical repair options.

It should be remembered that the repair of your office is an investment in your company. Many of our clients after cooperation with us told us in a consequence that their company as if was reborn. Employees began to come to work with joy, work efficiency increased. Clients and partners of the company also see the growth of the company, its stability and confidence in the new repair. Thus, the trust in such a company only increases. But quality repairs can be guaranteed only by professionals. We guarantee it and fix it in the Contract.

On our website on the page “Portfolio” you can see our completed construction projects. On the page “Services” make sure that we perform the full range of services for office repair: architectural design and design, office repair, construction work.

Price of services in repair of premises

The cost of repair of premises depends on many factors and is calculated individually based on the characteristics of the construction project. As a rule, it depends on such factors:

— The timing of the project. If the project is urgent enough, it may require large expenditures, as it will require the involvement of more staff and equipment.

– Complexity and features of the project. The final cost of the project depends very much on the volume of the premises and the complexity of the planned works. More favorable price when ordering services: office repair “turnkey” than when we are attracted only to a certain type of construction services.

— In what condition is the building and the structure of the room. This factor can also change the cost of all work.

The following repair prices can serve as a reference Point for the customer:

– design project from $ 7 per square meter

– work on cosmetic repairs can be 50-100 USD per square meter

– price for work on capital repairs, according to experience, start from 110 USD per square meter.

You can Order services in repair of rooms by phone: 096 797 99 22, 066 797 99 22 or 063 797 99 22. You can also write us an email: leader@newidea.kiev.ua.

After that, at the appointed Time – our employee will come to You and make all the necessary measurements and record all your wishes. After that, after three to five days You will receive an accurate estimate for all the work.